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Thrive Psychology Clinic works with Mind Culture to offer innovative psychological products that can help our patients receive the out-patient treatment that they need in between sessions. Our products are well-regarded in the field and utilize advanced sensory technology to promote positive thinking and wellness.

Take a look at our products below:


SenzeBand is Neeuro’s non-invasive EEG headband that safely measures brain signals. This wearable device is equipped with cutting-edge sensory technology, six sensors – complete with 4 individual channels and 2 reference sensors, as well as high-sensitivity electrodes. The electrodes are made from a unique method that helps to increase their conductive quality, ultimately making the SenzeBand the most sensitive wearable EEG device in the market.

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Therapressure Brush

This oval-shaped sensory brush is more convenient, more comfortable, and easier to use than the traditional sensory brush. With an attached handle and a reconfigured ergonomic design that increases comfortability, our patients frequently choose our Therapressure brush over the competitor products.
According to Patricia Wilbarger, “the high density of the bristles make it an ideal brush for the body.”

For specific instructions on brushing therapy, speak to your occupational therapist or a therapist trained in the Wilbarger Protocol. The Therapressure brush is the preferred brush for the Wilbarger protocol and is only available in white.

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