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Kelly Gan

January 21, 2021 / By thadmin2

Kelly is currently a fourth-year Psychology Honors student at the National University of Singapore. With a passion to serve others, she has had experience in working with children and youth in both mainstream and special education. Kelly’s experiences have allowed her to gain meaningful insights into empowering the lives of others. She is especially interested […]

Dhaanya Nisha Raj

December 12, 2020 / By thadmin2

Dhaanya is a final year undergraduate at SMU pursuing a major in Psychology. Her interest in the field sparked from her passion to help those around her as an empathetic listening ear. A strong believer in the importance of mental health, Dhaanya hopes to dive deeper into the field of developmental psychology through her internship at Thrive Psychology […]

Rachel Low

December 12, 2020 / By thadmin2

Rachel is in her penultimate year at National University of Singapore. She is pursuing her degree with a major in Psychology and minor in Management. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing. Her interest in developmental and clinical psychology began when she did research for a project and became more concerned about the mental […]

Rachel Emmanuelyn David

November 5, 2020 / By thadmin2

Rachel is currently a 2nd-year Psychology undergraduate at Murdoch University. Being outgoing, she enjoys spending time interacting with others and lending a listening ear. She also believes in the importance of having healthy mental well-being and seeking help whenever you need to. Having gone through nursing, Rachel’s interest in helping others blossomed. She hopes that […]

Sheryl Tan

September 23, 2020 / By thadmin2

Sheryl graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours). She has had the opportunity to work with the special needs population through her role as a special education teacher and behavioural therapist at a few early intervention centres, where she was able to gain further exposure and understanding of the needs of […]

Zoe Yi Diong

September 23, 2020 / By thadmin2

Zoe Yi is a final year Psychology undergraduate at the National University of Singapore. Her interest in clinical psychology began when she saw how impactful it was, in that via certain techniques and skills, it could increase others’ emotional well-being. Learning skills related to clinical psychology allowed her to help others when they are facing emotional […]

Raynold Tan

August 24, 2020 / By thadmin2

Raynold chose to pursue a career in Psychology because of his deep-seated interest in human thoughts and behaviour. He believes that with proper support and the right person to guide you, undesirable behaviour and cognition can be changed. Apart from Behavioural Therapy, Raynold develops and conducts programmes and workshops for both children and their parents. […]

Willie Tan

May 14, 2020 / By thadmin2

Willie is a Behavioural Therapist at Thrive Psychology Clinic. Through his prior experience in working and interacting with children and youth in both mainstream and special education, through organisations such as MOE, MINDS, MDAS, and with the elderly in HCA, Willie is devoted to helping people through the social and psychological challenges of everyday life. […]

Alyssa Ng

February 11, 2020 / By thadmin2

Alyssa’s interest in pursuing Psychology arose from her experience in leading various community volunteering projects and interacting with children with special needs. Through her multiple interactions with children facing various mental and/or physical disabilities, she finds their underlying cognitive thought processes and behaviours unique and meaningful. This has motivated her to further her skills and […]

Jolene Tan

September 24, 2019 / By thadmin

Jolene always had a keen interest in various psychological theories and their applicability to our everyday lives. It is this interest that led her to pursue a career in Psychology.  During the course of her undergraduate studies, she developed a curiosity in childhood developmental disorders. Thus, motivating her to focus her honours research topic on […]