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Novena Road Changes

New Changes And Updates To Directions

Traffic Junction reconfigured (Novena):

With effect from: 17th October 2020

Start from: 17 Oct at 8pm to 18 Oct at 10am (Traffic still passable)

Expected completion date: late 2022

*Affected junction of Thomson Road, Newton Road and Moulmein Road (traffic marshals will be present for a week to guide motorists)


Velocity Bus Stop Moved

With effect from: 18th October 2020

*Moved from Velocity@Novena Square to Royal Square@Novena (70m away from current location)


Pedestrian Underpass (Revenue House and Gold Hill) – To Close:

With effect from: 1st Quarter of 2021 (GoldHill Plaza), 2nd Quarter of 2021 (Revenue House)

Expected completion date: late 2022

*Temporary overhead bridge will be built to link the locations (velocity and goldhill, velocity and revenue house)

Consequence to travellers: longer travelling time expected for motorists (approx 2.5 to 5 minutes longer) and Pedestrians (3 minutes)

Read more about it here.