My Voice, My Choice: Be Your Own Greatest Encourager

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September 24, 2019 / By thadmin

[Back by popular request from parents]

Date:                16 March 2020
Time:               1 – 4pm (3-hours)
Suitable for:   Ages 9-12

A 1-day workshop designed to introduce positive self-talk to improve the way our children talk to and think about themselves, leading to more confident and mentally healthy children.

My Voice, My Choice aims to shape confident and strong children through the introduction of positive self-talk. Having a positive inner voice is essential in helping children cope with life stressors as well as having a positive worldview, which would consequently improve their self-esteem and social relationships as they develop into adults.

A variety of topics will be covered during this workshop to introduce positive self-talk to children, such as why do we need positive self-talk and how would it help us. Through a series of brief presentations, exciting classroom games and hands-on activities, this workshop aims to teach children how to engage in positive self-talk, mainly by emphasising their strengths and transforming negative thoughts to positive ones.