Alyssa Ng

Behavioural Therapist

Alyssa’s interest in pursuing Psychology arose from her experience in leading various community volunteering projects and interacting with children with special needs. Through her multiple interactions with children facing various mental and/or physical disabilities, she finds their underlying cognitive thought processes and behaviours unique and meaningful. This has motivated her to further her skills and knowledge in this field to better understand the emotions, thoughts and behaviours of people – children and adults alike.

Alyssa believes that with the proper guidance and support, everyone can eventually achieve fulfilling and enriching lives in spite of the obstacles they may face. At Thrive Psychology Clinic, Alyssa is motivated to apply her skillsets as a Behavioural Therapist for children. She endeavours to work collaboratively with every individual she encounters through therapy, and support them in adapting their difficulties into strengths to help them thrive in life. With growing societal awareness and emphasis on the importance of mental health, she aspires to continue developing her skills and knowledge in order to contribute to each individual’s journey in attaining their personal goals and enhancing their overall mental well-being.