Placement Practitioner

Chandra is a Placement Counsellor at Thrive Psychology Clinic. Chandra is also currently serving as a soldier in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and has over 20 years of experience in people management. In 2014, he decided to embark on the path of continuous learning with a passion to understand human nature and people better.

Chandra believes that all individuals have the potential to cope with their problems and are able to find solutions to their issues with the right guidance and with a positive outlook. Chandra believes that we are able to feel a lot happier and peaceful when we understand how to manage our own thoughts and behaviours. Chandra loves interacting with people and takes pleasure in exercising and meditating on a daily basis.

Master of Counselling (final semester)  |  Degree in Guidance and Counselling  (Hons)  |  Degree in Childhood Studies (Honours)  |  Diploma in Psychology