Jolene Tan

Behavioural Therapist

Jolene always had a keen interest in various psychological theories and their applicability to our everyday lives. It is this interest that led her to pursue a career in Psychology. 

During the course of her undergraduate studies, she developed a curiosity in childhood developmental disorders. Thus, motivating her to focus her honours research topic on attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms, namely attention control and working memory deficits, and its influence on fluid intelligence. 

Besides supervising the daily clinical operations at Thrive Psychology Clinic, Jolene also works with young individuals who may be experiencing a myriad of mental health conditions using Behavioural Therapy techniques. She also has experience assisting with brain training programmes using neurotechnology. To encourage public awareness in mental health care, Jolene is dedicated to developing, marketing and conducting programmes and workshops for children on a range of psychological topics that aims to promote mental wellness and positive development. 

Jolene’s prior work experience as a Staff Nurse in a major public hospital, has exposed her to the importance of making mental health care accessible to every individual regardless of their background. These experiences helped form her desire to provide support to people in need and inspired her to explore ways in which she can contribute and give back to society.