Lester Ng

Clinical Support

Since adolescence, Lester has developed a great level of interest in psychology, particularly
in mental health and disorders. With a heart filled with compassion, he had hoped to aid those
who are facing mental distresses when he grows up. Pursuing this interest, Lester is
currently an undergraduate in the National University of Singapore (NUS) majoring in
Psychology. Throughout his schooling and national service days, Lester has been working in various
settings and has been exposed to people from all walks of life. Ultimately, after working at a
school for children and youth with special needs, he discovered a strong passion to work
with such individuals. He believes in the importance of early intervention to develop lifelong
coping mechanisms to cope with distresses they face and to correct undesirable behaviors
to more appropriate ones.

With that in mind, Lester hopes to gain further insights, learn valuable skills, and further develop
his interest in clinical psychology and psychotherapy while interning here at Thrive Psychology Clinic. He hopes to continue pursuing this path as his career in the future.