Nathaniel Chin

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Nathaniel Chin


Nathaniel is a Psychotherapist at Thrive Psychology Clinic. His passion and curiosity developed from a young age and has propelled him to pursue an undergraduate major in Psychology at National University of Singapore (NUS). Having volunteered at various organisations, Nathaniel has prior experience in working with young children and adolescents in both mainstream and special education. He firmly believes that with proper guidance and persistence, all individuals can overcome the behavioural and psychological challenges that they may be facing.

At Thrive Psychology Clinic, Nathaniel uses therapy techniques, such as Behavioural Therapy (BT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA). Doing so allows him to have a proper understanding of the specific needs of each client, and work collaboratively with them to overcome difficulties and improve their wellbeing in order to thrive in all facets of their lives. His interpersonal skills allow him to connect well and establish meaningful relationships with people.

Aside from providing therapy, Nathaniel also develops programs and conduct workshops that aim to improve the mental well-being of children and educate parents with psychologically-substantiated suggestions.