Neo Shi Cong

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Neo Shi Cong

Clinical Support Intern

Shi Cong is in his second year at the National University of Singapore, pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in economics. His passion in clinical psychology stems from personal experiences with those that suffer from mental illness, and he is driven to help those that suffer from mental illness in any way possible.

Through various modules that he has attended in University, his passion for psychology continues to grow as he studies various mental illnesses and how detrimental they can be to one’s life. Shi Cong believes that being empathetic and understanding can help young children tremendously with their mental health struggles.

With this internship at Thrive Psychology Clinic, Shi Cong hopes to have a firsthand glimpse into the world of clinical psychology. He believes that with this experience, he will be well equipped with the skills necessary for him to dive into this field in the future.