Sally Mounir

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Sally Mounir

Senior Psychotherapist

Sally believes that everyone has an innate capacity for self-healing. She works on providing each person with a safe space and the right support and then watching them thrive. She helps her clients dig up the appropriate tools to add to what she calls their ‘unique tools box’ which they may summon and utilise when needed.

Sally works with her clients to empower them to build a healthy awareness about who they are and the goals they hope to achieve as well as to continue in their growth journey independently after reaching the end of their therapy sessions.

Sally is a licensed Psychotherapist, registered with the International Council of Psychotherapist in the UK. She lived in 6 countries and has been traveling since childhood alongside her parents. She continues this as an adult with her small family (of her husband and two daughters), her travels opened her eyes to a world of many cultures. This significantly influenced in becoming a psychotherapist as it made her more accepting to people from all walks of life and welcomes all her clients to freely express themselves in an accepting environment.