Sheryl Tan

Clinical Support Intern

Sheryl is currently a 4th year Psychology Honours student at Monash University. Her clinical and research interests lie primarily in the field of child psychopathology, where she is passionate about child development and the early intervention of mental health conditions. She is also particularly interested in the neuropsychological assessment and treatment of disorders associated with brain trauma and injury, and hopes to be able to pursue clinical psychology or neuropsychology in future.

Sheryl has had the opportunity to work with the special needs population through her role as a special education teacher and learning support therapist at a few early intervention centres, where she was able to gain further exposure and understanding of the needs of individuals with varying physical and mental disabilities. She is also an avid volunteer in various social service organisations, where she has helped support children and youths from underprivileged families through weekly tutoring and house visits.

At Thrive Psychology, Sheryl hopes to get a glimpse of what it’s like to practise as a psychologist/therapist, as well as to attain a better understanding of the various clinical operations involved. She hopes to be able to use these skill sets to give back to society, and to raise greater awareness regarding the importance of mental health in Singapore.