Willie Tan

Associate Psychologist

Willie is an Associate Psychologist at Thrive Psychology Clinic, who graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences, Psychology (First Class Honours). Through his prior experience in working and interacting with children and youth in both mainstream and special education, through organisations such as MOE, MINDS, MDAS, and with the elderly in HCA, Willie is devoted to helping people through the social and psychological challenges of everyday life.

At Thrive Psychology Clinic, he employs techniques in Behavioural Therapy, such as Applied Behavioural Analysis, along with Cognitive  Behavioural Therapy and Neurocognitive Therapy, to assist clients through a variety of difficulties, working to address challenging behaviours, social skills, adaptive functioning, and more, with the goal of improving their overall well-being. Additionally, he manages the daily operations at the clinic to ensure smooth facilitation of clinic operations both in front and behind the scenes.

Ultimately, he endeavours to enhance his practice in the skills and strategies of psychological therapy, trusting in its potential to improve the lives of people with all sorts of struggles and difficulties.