Willie Tan

Clinical Support Staff

Willie is a 3rd-year Psychology student studying at the National University of Singapore (NUS). His interest in Psychology stems from his experience in interacting and working with children with special needs, and he believes in the value of this field for its potential to improve the lives of people with all sorts of difficulties.

In recent years, he has engaged in a wide variety of volunteering activities with many different beneficiary groups, such as MINDS, MDAS, and HCA, and seeks to have a better understanding on the social and psychological challenges that people face. 

At Thrive, he hopes to understand the behind-the-scenes work of clinical psychologists, that continues before and after therapy. He also hopes to hone his communication skills to better connect with clients. Ultimately, he trusts that the skills that he will learn will better enable him to give back to the field of mental health in the future.