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Innovative Psychological Therapies For Today’s Youth

At Thrive Psychology Clinic, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to receive targeted psychological treatment specifically designed to enhance their understanding of the world, their ability to cope, and their sense of self. Our Psychologists and trained therapists are skilled in their techniques and innovative in their approaches towards a number of different mental health issues commonly found in children, including those with special needs.

We bring a talented and driven team of mostly certified Psychologists and trained therapists looking to bring cutting-edge treatment to the forefront of Singapore’s mental health industry and ensure that the youth of tomorrow receive the treatment that they need today.

About Us

Thrive Psychology Clinic is a childhood/adolescence-based Psychology clinic located in Singapore. We’re primarily focused on providing the proper level of care that today’s children and adolescents require as they battle a plethora of mental health conditions and issues, including those rooted in neurocognitive and behavioral issues.

Thrive is an extension of The School of Positive Psychology and Mind Culture, two of Singapore’s premiere Psychological institutions. Led by Jeslyn Lim, and a team of talented Psychologists, counselors, and therapists, we’re motivated to design innovative therapies specifically designed to help today’s youth thrive in all areas of their lives.

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How We Can Help

At Thrive, our goal is to help our children thrive. In order to do that, we offer a full suite of psychological treatments and therapies that specifically target prevalent mental health conditions commonly found in today’s youth.

We provide services like:

• Diagnostic/Intellectual Assessments
• Psychotherapy
• Hypnotherapy
• Behavioral Therapy
• Neurocognitive Therapy
• Art Therapy
• Music Therapy
• Social Groups
• Trainings & Workshops
• And More

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Thrive Psychology Clinic, our goal is to help our patients overcome these conditions, so that they can thrive in all areas of their life.

We’re Led By Industry Leading Psychologists & Therapists

As an extension of The School of Positive Psychology and Mind Culture, Thrive Psychology Clinic is led by the very same group of industry leading Psychologists and therapists. We are also members of APACS, the Association of Psychotherapists and Counselors Singapore, which guarantees the utmost levels of ethical standards, clinical expertise, and therapeutic knowledge and abilities.

In fact, our leader is the current president of APACS. Each and every day, led by our founder, Jeslyn Lim, we strive to design new and innovative therapies that not only engage our children, but also help to move the world of psychotherapy forward, while also ensuring that our treatments and therapies allow our children to thrive.

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